The services we provide include:

Small, Medium & Large Graphics with pricing that fits YOUR budget!
-Custom MySpace Pages
Custom Myspace Pages that can include custom layouts or custom html for your artist/music, business or personal page.
-Web Sites
Custom web sites that can be created according to clients personal interest
We offer ways to get your web site and business name out there and tools to become a profitable business

Our websites can involve (not limited to include):

-Store (Online)
-Message Boards/ChatRooms
-Mailing Lists/Email Lists
-E-Commerce Store Fronts
-Sign-in Members features
We will work to maintain/improve each clients site content, design, navigation, and function!

**Clients are required to pay for hosting of domain,,, etc. (can be as little as $2) and for space hosting (can be as little as $4 a month)
**Clients are NOT responsible to maintain site, we maintain all sites for clients for however long

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