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Your business has been an asset to the overall success of my business, Dippady Do Spa, since its inception. Your work has been professional prompt and creative

Shantrell Nicks, Owner, Dippady Do Spa, Gulfport, MS
I started a small business and was looking to launch an online store. With limited working capital, it was difficult finding a business that could create a website for a price I could afford. A friend told me about a business that assists other businesses in online services with prices that range from $50 and up. At first, I was skeptical and thought with cheap service prices like that I would be better off doing the website myself. So I bought a domain and attempted to create my site. With limited choices in design templates, site layout, and color schemes, I was unsuccessful in doing so. So I called Famnomenal Designs. With me not being familiar with the process of developing a site, Famnomenal Designs explained everything and reassured me nothing would be finalized without my approval. They were friendly, professional, responded quickly to e-mails, and patient with understanding and developing my vision for the site. They even presented some of their creative ideas for the site and we were able to incorporate some of those ideas within the site. Three weeks later, the business website was up and running. Famnomenal Designs exceeded all of my expectations.

Samantha McNeil, Owner, God's Child Apparel, Jackson, MS

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